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Summit Panel with former PM Sanna Marin and Lord Mayor Andersen

Summit Panel with former PM Sanna Marin and Lord Mayor Andersen

Future of Bergen opening plenary to annual conference

During a recent visit to Bergen, Tim Moonen presented on how different regions globally are adopting a stronger and more integrated approach to identity and brand.

Tim Moonen participates in TV interview about the future of Athens

Tim Moonen participates in TV Interview about the future of Athens

Economic impact assessment of Toronto waterfront with Toronto Board of Trade

Economic impact assessment of Toronto waterfront

Bilbao and Bizkaia Region's brand in a global context

Bilbao and Bizkaia Region's brand in a global context

Webinar: WRLDCTY Fellows - The Future of Cities, Innovation and Place Leadership

As cities compete to attract talent and global investment, what are the characteristics and ingredients of cities that have been able to grow, attract, and retain innovation economy advantages?

Innovation Twins - Connecting Indian Cities with the World

We are pleased to be using our analytics and leadership mapping to inform the potential for Indian cities and districts to team up with more others internationally on place innovation - for cleaner air, movement and energy.

Dr Tim Moonen attends launch of Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 at The Melbourne Summit

Committee for Melbourne's 'The Melbourne Summit 2023', held on Thursday 2 March, brought together 120 city leaders from 90 organisations across corporate, academic, not-for-profit and arts and culture sectors, to generate ideas for Melbourne’s future.

Dr Tim Moonen presents at the Auckland's Future, Now conference

Auckland’s Future, Now is an ongoing event series hosted by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the region’s economic and cultural agency.

Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report featured in Melbourne's Herald Sun

Following the launch of Benchmarking Melbourne 2023, the report was featured with positive commentary in Melbourne's Herald Sun publication.

Dr Tim Moonen featured in New Zealand's National Business Review

Dr Tim Moonen features as an expert in New Zealand's National Business Review, following keynote presentation at the 'Auckland's Future, Now' conference.

2023 visit to Santiago and São Paulo to support Government on paths to net zero

During a recent visit to Brazil and Chile, Ben Gowers interviewed local stakeholders to support the UK Government in uncovering what makes Santiago and Porto Alegre distinctive in their decarbonisation opportunities.

Panel with Lord David Willetts to debate future of innovation in UK cities

At this event in Westminster, London, Dr Tim Moonen presented a snapshot of the UK innovation system in international perspective, with particular focus on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

Oxford-Cambridge Arc report featured in FT

2022 report on the future Oxford-Cambridge Arc, to which The Business of Cities contributed a chapter, is featured in the Financial Times.

Webinar: Future of Place in the OxCam Arc

Dr Tim Moonen joined the Vice Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University and Vice President at AstraZeneca among other panellists at a live session on collaborative place-shaping for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

Melbourne report headlines national newspaper

Benchmarking Melbourne 2022 has received widespread coverage in city and national media.

Advice to Government on the low-emissions path of Indonesian regions

On behalf of the UK government, TBoC is developing an innovative framework to understand and guide the next cycle of change in Indonesia's largest cities and regions.

Oslo Science City Launched at City Hall

A new environment for the country’s 150,000 scientists, entrepreneurs and students has been launched by City Hall.

Global research underpins Glasgow’s new business story

Invest Glasgow has launched a new unified investment narrative informed by research carried out by The Business of Cities.

Diagnostics for The Hague's post-Covid performance and reputation

The Business of Cities is working with The Hague to assess the city's post-Covid performance and reputation in 2023.

'Benchmarking Sydney 2021' report launched by CfS

7th annual 'Benchmarking Sydney’ report launched by Committee for Sydney

Annual Oslo benchmarking report featured in Oslo’s news outlet Aftenposten

Our annual ‘Oslo: State of the City’ report has been featured in one of Norway’s leading media outlets

The Competitive Advantage of City Governance, launched with JLL

Dr Tim Moonen discusses governance and real estate in a post-covid world

Consulting for the Thames Vision 2050

The Business of Cities is on the panel to create a new vision for the River Thames as it looks to adapt to the new post-Covid world.

Toolbook for place leaders mentioned in Cities Today

Our new innovation handbook designed for place-leaders, anchor institutions and larger stakeholders has been featured in the cities-focused news outlet ‘Cities Today’

Global review of City Economy Responses for Glasgow

We were commissioned by Glasgow's City Council and Chamber of Commerce to review city responses to COVID-19.

Preparation for Port of London Authority ‘Great River Cities of the World’ Symposium

On behalf of Port of London Authority, The Business of Cities is leading research on pandemic responses in great river cities of the world

Research for London 2050 report featured in Evening Standard

This report is the first from the London Futures review. It examines London’s recent history and development to the present day, explores the global challenges facing London and considers their potential impact on London’s future.

Global review of district redevelopment to inform choices for Brussels' Heysel Plateau

Since March 2020, our team has been leading research on district redevelopments around the world to inform choices for redevelopment of the Heysel Plateau in North Brussels.

Strategic review on Victoria and South Island’s future economy

The Business of Cities are working on Victoria's economic action plan 'Victoria 3.0' that accompanies the City’s long term community plan to 2041.

Central Place Sydney gets green light following TBoC research

The state government has green-lighted major increases to building heights for an area earmarked as a tech hub near Sydney's Central Station after research done by The Business of Cities and partner Dexus.

Tim Moonen's comments featured by Oslo Region on Covid-19 talent implications

Following the release of the Oslo: State of the City report, Tim was asked to reflect on this year's findings and the implications of Covid-19 on talent attraction in the Oslo Region.

Civic and Business Leadership for cities after Covid-19

We have been supporting the New York Regional Plan Association and Barcelona Global to convene a group of senior civic and business leaders in more than 15 cities to share insights on Covid-19 responses, recoveries and future outlooks for their cities.

African Cities Benchmarking and Tech Governance Review for 2020

TBoC undertook a benchmarking review of African cities' tech ecosystems and governance

IoT and Governance Symposium

PETRAS and the World Economic Forum convene a series of workshops to discuss a new survey on the gaps and opportunities for the global governance of Internet of Things technologies

Future of the London economy presentation at Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf Group invited us to discuss the future proofing of London's economy.

Review of national policies for cities underway with Infrastructure Australia

We reviewed with city and national leaders to discover what are the tools and initiatives that have been observed to be effective to raise the level of infrastructure investment.

ACI Cost of Living for Ordinary Residents Index Launch in Singapore

Jake was a speaker in Singapore on the panel "2019 Annual Indices for Expatriates and Ordinary Residents on Cost of Living, Wages and Purchasing Power for the World’s Major Cities"

Our research cited in New South Wales economic strategy to 2040

The Culture, Value and Place report cited delved into the importance of fostering a distinct cultural identity is a key component of leading liveable and connected cities.

Our Cities Innovation Typology applied to African Cities

City-led innovation in infrastructure development and service delivery is on the rise in African cities.

CfS release 2019 edition of Benchmarking Sydney report

Our 4th edition of this benchmarking report will be released next Monday to the wider public. A big theme throughout this report is that Sydney cannot rest on its laurels and needs to continually innovate to stay competitive in the new global economy.

Class of 2020 Annual Conference in Berlin

Jake spoke in Berlin at the Class of 2020 Annual Conference on Blended Living on the panel "Knowledge City: Innovation Districts and The Urban Campus"

Our Cities Typology Wheel observed in Spanish newspaper LaVanguardia

The article discusses the ambitions of Madrid to become a Top Tier city from its current status as a Contender City.

DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv

Jake spoke at the annual DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv on the panel "Brand it and they will come"

Business Insider discusses our new global benchmarking report

The 5th edition of our report with JLL on the performance of global cities crystallises the findings from more than 500 city benchmarks to capture the changing system of cities globally, and the new lenses through which cities are compared and chosen.

Creating Great Places for People talk in Brisbane

[Video] Our forthcoming report with the Property Council of Australia, Creating Great Places, is to be published later this year.

The influence of City Rankings, with Scientific American

Prof. Michele Acuto, Daniel Pejic, Jake Nunley and Dr Tim Moonen discuss the power of that city rankings hold on the urban world, and suggest areas of change to improve benchmarks into a strong evidence base for policy making.

The future of cities and their functional areas at ESPON in Iasi, Romania

The Business of Cities team was at the ESPON Seminar in Iasi, Romania, discussing how new industries will shape the future of our cities, and providing examples of multi-city regions from around the world.

1 Day executive course on City Leadership launched with UCL STEaPP

Launched by the UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, this short course aims to equip professionals with the skills to work with city leaders and help shape the way our cities are governed.

'Place' as a Key Ingredient for City Competitiveness, a new research project with PCA

[Blog] Dr Tim Moonen provides insights into our new research commissioned by the Property Council Australia to understand what makes a city a great place to live, and to make recommendations for Australian places.

'Great Places' launched at Future of Cities Summit in Sydney

Dr Tim Moonen was in Sydney for the Property Council of Australia's annual Future Cities Summit, discussing the challenges in identified in our Creating Great Australian Cities project last year, and kicking of a new Great Places project for 2019.

How to analyse Urban Benchmarking insights

Greg Clark, Tim Moonen and Jake Nunley share their thoughts on monitoring city performance through comparative city benchmarks. At The Business of Cities, we use real-time data and city benchmarking to study cities.

How our Work Contributes to the UCL STEaPP MPA programme

[Video] STEaPP Chat Episode 5: Cities with Dr Ellie Cosgrave and Dr Tim Moonen

The influence of city rankings on policy: The Conversation article

Jenny McArthur, Lecturer in Urban Infrastructure and Policy at UCL, and Tim Moonen, Honorary Lecturer, explore the influence of city benchmarks on the urban sphere and decision-makers.

My Perfect City available now on the BBC World Service

(BBC Radio) Dr Ellie Cosgrave and Prof Greg Clark discuss, analyse and critique the best policies from global cities in new show "My Perfect City".

Dr Tim Moonen leads Brisbane PCA Breakfast Series

Dr Tim Moonen shares insights on the importance of partnerships to deliver Brisbane's Global Precincts at the PCA Breakfast meeting in Brisbane.

The future of Europe's cities discussed in new EIB blogpost

In our first blogpost of 2019 for the European Investment Bank, we delve into the future of European cities and the reasons to be optimistic about Europe's metropolises.

Prof. Greg Clark referenced in British Airways’ Business Life Magazine

In an piece on innovation cities in British Airways’ Business Life Magazine, Professor Greg Clark was referenced for his and his team's work in Glasgow's Innovation District.

Oslo: Our 5th State of the City report launched at City Hall

The benchmarking report for Oslo Business Region summarised Oslo's progress in the current cycle and its opportunities and imperatives in the next period.

Dr Tim Moonen's address to Downtown Dallas

In his keynote speech at the annual Downtown Dallas Inc. meeting, Tim highlighted that downtowns are fundamental to fostering eco-systems, cluster specialization, and developing an all-round business reputation and brand for cities.

Panel at Scotland's first Innovation District launch

Our team was at the launch of Glasgow City Innovation District, where Professor Greg Clark held a panel debate with various stakeholders, including Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance Derek McKay.

Our work on Glasgow discussed on BBC Radio Scotland

(Radio) Dr Tim Moonen appears on Good Morning Scotland to discuss the rise in culture and appeal in the city of Glasgow. 13:20 start.

'Towards a Business Story for Glasgow' report shared in The Times

The article focuses on our findings surrounding the rise of Glasgow’s appeal to millennials.

ACI Global Liveable Cities Index Launch in Singapore

Tim was a speaker in Singapore on the two panels 'Global Liveable and Smart Cities Index on 78 World’s Major Cities' and '2018 Annual Indices for Expatriates and Ordinary Residents on Cost of Living, Wages and Purchasing Power for World’s Major Cities'.

Our team at the ESPON Scientific Conference

Our team had the pleasure to attend the ESPON Conference in London this year, debating the topic of 'Building the next generation of research on territorial development'.

Our contribution to EIB essay series: CITY, TRANSFORMED

We are delighted to share with you CITY, TRANSFORMED, the new essay series from the European Investment Bank.

Dr Tim Moonen and Jeremy Kelly discuss Real Estate transparency

(Video) In this World Economic Forum article, our partner at JLL Jeremy Kelly explains the impact of real estate market transparency on how cities grow, featuring video conversation with The Business of Cities' Managing Director Dr Tim Moonen

Cityscapes podcast with Prof. Greg Clark and CfS Chair Michael Rose

(Podcast) Greg tells Michael Rose, Chair of the Committee for Sydney, about the changes he’s seen in Sydney over the past three years and what the future holds.

Holland Metropole Paper to be launched at Expo Real

The second edition of the Benchmarking Holland Metropole report, now featuring Eindhoven and entitled "Fulfilling Potential: Holland Metropole and the decade of change," will be launched at Expo Real in Munich in October.

CfS release 2018 edition of Benchmarking Sydney report

The Committee for Sydney released its 3rd edition of Sydney's Benchmarking report, which reviewed the city's performance over the last year. The report was produced in collaboration with The Business of Cities and with support from both Landcom and Dexus.

Dr Tim Moonen presents at WTTC Europe Leaders Forum

(Video) Watch Tim Moonen discuss how tourism can be more effectively managed to serve cities’ success.

Dr Tim Moonen cited in Dexus article on Safe Cities

How do we keep Australia's cities safe as we continue to grow? This article on the Dexus website quotes Tim Moonen on the safety of Australian cities, and the available data on those cities.

NSW IPC publishes review of Innovation Precincts

The piece 'NSW Innovation Precincts: Lessons from International Experience' explores the factors that contribute to successful, globally-significant innovation precincts as well as common risks and failures.

Innovation Economy paper launched by NSW IPC

Co-authored by Greg Clark, Tim Moonen and Jake Nunley, the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council study is a review of the innovation economy and its implications and imperatives for states and regions.

'Creating Great Australian Cities' paper launched in Perth

With the Property Council of Australia, Greg Clark and Tim Moonen launched the Creating Great Australian Cities report in Perth CBD. Watch our video summary of the report's implications for Perth.

Bernard Salt reviews our PCA work in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Property Council of Australia recently commissioned British- based academic consultancy The Business of Cities under a team directed by Oxford Professor Greg Clark to examine the future of Australian cities.

Greg Clark presents PCA Report Findings

(Video) Watch Professor Greg Clark, Chair of UK’s The Business of Cities, presenting the findings of the Property Council’s Creating Great Australian Cities report.

RETALK Asia review our collaborative report with JLL

Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo are the four Asian cities among the top seven most competitive cities in the world, says a new report by real estate consultant JLL and city intelligence and strategy group, The Business of Cities.

'What Makes a Great City?' Our report featured by sponsor Urbis

A collaboration between The Business of Cities, Urbis and Property Council Australia to produce a comprehensive report in order to understand how well Australian cities are managing change and growth, and what can be done better.

A reviews of Barcelona's new strategic plan for tourism

(Spanish) The 'crisis of success' of tourism in Barcelona fosters a deep reflection on what are the best paths for the future for the sector and for the city.

Our Research with JLL showcased by The Hindu

After years of no show on the global annual survey, for the first time, three cities from India have featured amongst the top world order as a part of the ‘Emerging World Cities’ group.

City Performance discussion with JLL's Jeremy Kelly

(Video) Tim picks out a few highlights from the report Decoding City Performance, published in collaboration with JLL, including the emergence of Seoul and the rise of benchmarks that assess how well cities manage their growth challenges.

AECOM 'Talking Cities' Podcast Series hosts Dr Tim Moonen

(Podcast) Tim joins James Rosenwax in Sydney to discuss the innovation economy, the rise of multi-city regions, and the drivers of change in cities such as Amsterdam, Bogota and Bilbao.

'Steering the Metropolis' Chapter Launched

In 'London: The negotiated city: London governance for a sustainable world city', Prof. Greg Clark, Dr. Tim Moonen and Jonathan Couturier examine the evolution of governance in London that led it to become an archetypal negotiated city.

'Metropolitan Areas' keynote in Tokyo for World Bank

The TDLC aims to foster operational development of World Bank funded projects in specific topics in close collaboration with the World Bank's Communities of Practice

Prof. Greg Clark's podcast in Cape Town: Making Cities Work

(Podcast) Prof Greg Clark CBE was in South Africa conducting workshops in conjunction with the Economic Development Partnership focused on government, business and civil society organisations. In this talk, he focuses on how to get from vision to action.