Our contribution to EIB essay series: CITY, TRANSFORMED

We are delighted to share with you CITY, TRANSFORMED, the new essay series from the European Investment Bank.

These 12 essays lay out the history of European cities over the last fifty years—and showcase new directions being taken by some of the continent's most innovative cities. Dr Tim Moonen, Jake Nunley and Prof. Greg Clark (pictured here, left to right) were honoured to be asked to write the introductory and concluding essays, and the chapter on London.

Each week, CITY, TRANSFORMED focuses on a different city’s story. These are in-depth studies with real policy lessons for public officials and leaders around Europe.

  • How Vienna transformed from a declining outpost of the Cold War to a place that consistently ranks top of global quality of life surveys
  • How Warsaw went from environmental and infrastructural degradation to the wealthiest capital in Eastern Europe
  • How transport and housing policy in Paris adapted to cope with growth and modernization
  • How London tackled its mobility challenges as it transformed into a global centre
  • The series continues with fascinating essays on: Győr, Hungary; Burgas, Bulgaria; Barcelona; Bologna; and Stockholm

The first essay “The Story of Your City” takes a definitive look at how Europe’s cities transformed from post-industrial decline to thriving metropolises that are as prosperous and livable as anywhere on Earth.

The authors would like to warmly thank the EIB for their involvement in this new essay series, along with congratulating fellow colleagues and experts who contributed an essay on these cities.

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