5 Key Reports with Property Council of Australia

There are four comprehensive papers and a summary report prepared for the Property Council of Australia by Professor Greg Clark, Dr Tim Moonen and our colleagues at The Business of Cities Ltd.

We were delighted to complete the 5 city roadshow launch of our report, "Creating Great Australian Cities".

The 5 reports can be downloaded here:

Executive Summary

Paper 1: Cities Megatrends and Disrupters

Paper 2: Benchmarking Australian Cities

Paper 3: Learnings from International Case Studies

Paper 4: Instruments and Imperatives for Australian Cities

Praise for the report

Martin Parkinson, Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, to the Property Council of Australia:

"Various megatrends and disrupters are set out in the Property Council’s publication – Creating Great Australian Cities. These are issues I have been writing on for almost a decade now and I commend the Property Council for its initiative in commissioning this work. It is one of the best applications of this analysis to an industry and sector that I have seen in some time." Full article available here

Bernard Salt, Managing Director of The Demographics Group and widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community:

"The main question is whether the collection of reports make a practical contribution to the future of our cities? The answer is unequivocally “yes”. I do not believe there is any Australian consultancy that could have produced a review of this scale and depth. Also relevant is that in my view there is no government department that could have produced such a report." Full article available here