What we do

At The Business of Cities we provide intelligence and mentoring to public and private sector leadership groups in over 100 global cities, global firms and inter-governmental organisations.

Our work stands out because:

  • It is truly global in scope and perspective, while being local in nuance,
  • It benefits from a unique dataset of benchmarks, comparative studies and applied in-house intelligence of urban performance,
  • It is based on practical experience of guiding governments and senior leadership through complex and challenging processes.

We have five distinct workstreams through which we work with our partners and clients:

  1. Cities, Business and Capital

  2. City and Regional Benchmarking

  3. City Leadership, Governance and Reforms

  4. City Identity, Reputation and Visibility

  5. Urban Innovation, Technology and Futures

See our dedicated pages of each Workstream to see how we work with cities, businesses and organisations, and how we can work with you.