UCL Urban Innovation and Policy Lab

Since 2016, The Business Of Cities has been a 'spin in' to UCL STEaPP's Urban Innovation and Policy Lab. We have been collaborating with them on issues pertaining to city leadership.

The Business of Cities team is based within the University College London Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP). STEaPP was founded in the recognition that public policy needs to be informed by different kinds of expertise and evidence - such as science, technology and engineering - for the most impactful results in tackling today’s most pressing global challenges.

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Our partnership with UCL began in 2014 when Professor Greg Clark became a Visiting and Honorary Professor so as to support the development and join the advisory board of STEaPP's Urban Innovation and Policy Lab. Based within STEaPP, the City Leadership Laboratory is a hub for academics, public authorities and international organisations working on the future of cities and the role of city leadership. The Lab engages in a range of research, teaching and policy advice.

To this day, STEaPP and The Business of Cities are active collaborators on the co-production of the City Leadership Lab's research activities, the organisation of joint workshops and events, the delivery of professional and executive education courses - such as Working with City Leaders, and the delivery of modules on STEaPP's Masters in Public Administration in Urban Innovation and Policy focusing on Urban Policy, the Global Urban Agenda, and the Urbanisation of Business.

See below some of the work done in collaboration with STEaPP:

  • The joint publication of The Leadership of Cities published in tandem with the World Bank and the OECD
  • The joint delivery of Executive Education programmes teaching in seven cities globally - London, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai

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Find them on Twitter at @UCLUrbanPolicy