Jones Lang LaSalle

Our partnership with JLL was formalised in 2014 after a long period of ideas exchange and collaboration with the JLL Cities Research Center team in London.

This partnership has multiple dimensions that see our two teams working together on joint research projects on city competitiveness and the role of real estate. Our collaboration includes:

  • Regular publications on the ‘State of the Art’ of City Indices
  • Groundbreaking work to identify new and emerging City Types in the Global System
  • Specialist studies on the global competitiveness of national groups of cities, see for example "The Canadian Quartet”
  • Support for JLL events and launches, for example in Istanbul
  • Collaboration on the development and analysis of indexes, benchmarks and performance analysis, and evaluation of the fundamental ingredients of city competitiveness

“The long-running collaboration between JLL and The Business of Cities has been fundamental to the success of JLL’s award-winning cities research programme designed to give our clients unique perspectives on city performance and prospects to support their real estate strategies.”

Jeremy Kelly, Global Research, JLL
Report launched with JLL: Mapping the Pathways to Success

In our Typology of World Cities 2018 developed in partnership with JLL, we have identified 10 city groups each playing a distinct role on the global stage.

Report on Decoding City Performance with JLL

In collaboration with JLL, we look at the developments in the field of city benchmarking, and the role city indices play in shaping our understanding of global city competitiveness. We provide implications for the real estate sector.​​

JLL: Benchmarking the Future World of Cities

This study is the third paper in a groundbreaking series exploring the latest trends in city benchmarking and performance. This latest report by JLL and The Business of Cities takes a deeper look at the different ways cities are categorised and compared.

JLL: Governance, Devolution and the Investment Ready City

A report for the JLL Cities Research Centre (2016) on Governance, Devolution and the Investment Ready City.

JLL: Istanbul on the World Stage

Istanbul is a dynamic and increasingly successful ‘Emerging World City’, despite a background of rising geopolitical risks.

Study on The New World of Cities for JLL

This paper, produced jointly by JLL and The Business of Cities, offers a fresh approach to understanding city performance and prospects. A new typology of cities is presented, with a focus on the trends, challenges and real estate implications.

JLL: The Business Of Cities 2015

This report, the 4th developed by our team, assembles the widest range of comparative studies and reports on city performance to date. It includes 200 indices in total, up from 160 in 2013. C

JLL: The Canadian Quartet

Canadian cities are collectively entering a newly energised, globally connected and impactful era. Of its 12 main commercial hubs, we identified the Canadian Quartet (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) as holding most promise as future world cities.