The European Investment Bank is the world’s largest multi-lateral lending bank. It is the policy bank of the European Union and has been developing its work to support EU cities and cities outside the EU for 60 years.

We have worked with the EIB for more than a decade on a range of initiatives that support the development of the EIB’s approach to cities. These have included participation in major EIB conferences and reports, as well as support to inter-governmental working groups.

The EIB has featured in our comparative work on the role of International Financial Institutions and Development Banks in Urban Investment. We have observed and compared the approaches of the different IFIs over time, and EIB’s distinctive toolkit of financial instruments that enables it to invest in many different ways to support the aspirations of cities with different needs and constraints.

In the current period, we are developing two projects with EIB.

  1. Essay series and book: City, transformed. These essays look at the evolution of EU cities over the past 50 years and the role of the EIB in supporting their development and investment. These essays will be published between October 2018 and October 2019

Links to the essays will be placed here once they are published.

  1. A blog series on Urban Development issues. EIB is launching a new series of blogs about major policy and development issues across the EU. We will support them with a blog series on cities.

“In EIB Communications, we’re working with The Business of Cities to build a Europewide conversation about urban development. The Business of Cities at once provides sophisticated academic insights into urban development and also formulates deeply practical solutions for European cities.”

Matt Rees, Head of Editorial Unit, EIB