The Business of Cities team participates in more than 50 international events each year. We provide a number of services for global events:

  • We chair major summits
  • We moderate panel events
  • We deliver keynote speeches
  • We lead and participate in roundtable events and large workshops

Engaging The Business of Cities to work with your organisation or at your event is easy. Please e-mail Opportune Simon, or call her on +44 (0)2031 087 981.

You can view some examples of our upcoming commitments by browsing the Diary below. A direct message is the best way to check current availability.

Past events

EXPO RealModeratorMunich7th October 2018
Brisbane and Queensland VisitModeratorAustralia25th September 2018
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce ConferenceModeratorGlasgow19th September 2018
IFSWF ConferencePresenterMarrakesh19th September 2018
Oslo Region Alliance EventModeratorOslo19th September 2018
International Forum of Sovereign Wealth FundsModeratorMarrakech17th September 2018
IDB VisitModeratorNassau9th September 2018
EPRA ConferenceModeratorBerlin4th September 2018
IDB VisitModeratorWashington DC29th August 2018
Capita Public Sector EventModeratorLondon25th June 2018
Property Council of Australia RoadshowPresenterPerth19th June 2018
Property Council of AustraliaModeratorPerth18th June 2018
Orchard Road Project WorkshopModeratorSingapore10th June 2018
SIWW Summit 2018ModeratorSingapore9th June 2018
World Cities Summit and Mayor’s AccordModeratorSingapore7th June 2018
ULI Asia Pacific ConferenceModeratorHong Kong4th June 2018
Property Council of Australia Workshops and LaunchesModeratorAustralia21st May 2018
London Business ArenaModeratorLondon16th May 2018
Property Council of Australia RoadshowPresenterAustralia15th May 2018
IMEX ConferenceModeratorFrankfurt14th May 2018
ULI Belgium ConferenceModeratorBrussels7th May 2018
Oslo Report LaunchModeratorOslo6th May 2018
FCC WorkshopModeratorLondon1st May 2018
ICSC European ConferenceModeratorBarcelona24th April 2018
ULI Italy ConferenceModeratorMilan18th April 2018
INREV Annual ConferenceModeratorDublin10th April 2018
Barcelona Global SummitModeratorSpain21st March 2018
MIPIMModeratorCannes, France12th March 2018
Queensland and Brisbane VisitModeratorAustralia6th March 2018
Urban Global Future ConferenceModeratorVienna28th February 2018
Urban Future Global ForumModeratorVienna28th February 2018
World Bank Mayors SymposiumModeratorVienna26th February 2018
Brookings EventsModeratorWashington DC22nd February 2018
Brookings Global Identity ProgrammeCo-host and SpeakerWashington DC22nd February 2018
ULI Gdynia ConferenceModeratorPoland19th February 2018
FCC WorkshopModeratorLondon15th February 2018
LSE LecturesModeratorLondon12th February 2018
NSW Government, Sydney & PCA WorkshopsModeratorAustralia6th February 2018
ULI Annual ConferenceModeratorBerlin31st January 2018
PCA WorkshopsModeratorAustralia23rd January 2018
Grosvenor ConferenceModeratorLondon15th January 2018
World Bank Technical Deep DiveKeynote SpeakerTokyo8th December 2017
ANREV Annual ConferenceModeratorSingapore30th October 2017
ULI Warsaw SummitModeratorWarsaw15th October 2017
Expo RealModeratorMunich3rd October 2017
International Dresden DialogueSpeakerDresden1st October 2017
Oslo Urban ArenaSpeakerOslo19th September 2017
APCS ConferenceModerator, SpeakerSouth Korea11th September 2017
EPRA ConferenceModeratorLondon5th September 2017