The Future of Cities

A new evidence-based ‘Future of Cities’ agenda has gripped national, city and inter-governmental organisations since 2010. This approach moves with and beyond the pre-occupation with the technologies of ‘Future Cities’ in the last two decades, which has tended to focus on the social and environmental dividends of digital systems. The objective of Future of Cities thinking, by contrast, is to explore seriously the spatial, governance and infrastructure challenges of a global economy and society which has become decisively urban.

The Business of Cities collaborates with government and foresight bodies to achieve a full picture on the policy implications of preparing cities for the future. We help stakeholders:

  • Grasp the importance of national ‘systems of cities’ as well as local ‘city systems’.
  • Understand the ingredients of city success and resilience over multiple economic and political cycles.
  • Recognise and avoid the risks of regional economies entering negative path dependency, or experiencing ‘lock-in’.
  • Consider the impact of city-level capacity-building and fiscal de-centralisation to withstand economic or climate-related shocks.

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