Emerging World Cities

The world city has been an established concept for 25 years. London, New York, Tokyo, and Paris were long identified as the quintessential world cities. But today, the cities in the larger and faster growing non-OECD economies have begun to take on similar hub functions of global connection and flow for their nations. A cluster of ‘emerging world cities’ is evolving to take on international commercial and political roles.

Our research identifies a vanguard of emerging world cities, which includes the financial centres of the BRIC countries – Moscow, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Shanghai – and a further 20 cities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, East and South East Asia. Some have made extraordinary progress in a very short space of time. As a group, these cities face a specific and unique set of challenges – including around land-use, transport, public services, regulation and open-ness – if they are to make the jump to global city status that Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore achieved in previous cycles.

The Business of Cities develops and extends the new paradigm of ‘emerging world cities’. Our experience with established global cities means we offer valuable strategic and leadership lessons for urban, metropolitan and economic development in our partnerships with emerging megacities.

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The Business of Cities work on Emerging World Cities is forthcoming